Making invisible chronic illnesses visible to all

What is the Chronic Insights Community?

The Chronic Insights mobile app optionally allows you to donate your symptom data anonymously to our servers. The following information which you enter into the app is sent to our Community data set:

  • An anonymous identifier randonly generated by your phone

  • The names of your health conditions

  • The names of your symptoms

  • The symptom readings you make over time, including how you’re feeling, what time it is, where on your body you are feeling it, and the names of events you have entered which may have helped or triggered (such as going for a walk or having a rest)

That’s it. Nothing else. No email, names, IP addresses, absolutely nothing about you apart from the symptom information you put in.

We we make this information freely available to anyone who wants to get some insight into what other people with long term health conditions experience, and what they think helps and aggravates their symptoms. We think this is valuable information for people with long term health conditions, their carers, doctors, researchers, and anyone who wants to raise awareness of the difficulties people with invisible chronic illnesses face.

Because this data is strictly anonymous, we make it available to Community users in our app as visualisations, and also freely available to anyone who requests it under the Creative Commons attribution/non-commercial/share-alike license.

Why is Chronic Insights different?

Other symptom diary apps which collect data often collect a lot more information about you than we do (read their privacy policies to find out!). This can be for many reasons, such as:

  • Surveillance capitalism (see this article for an explanation of what this is)

  • Making the data more valuable to anyone who wants to mine data about people with chronic conditions, who they are and what they do

  • To allow targeted advertising

  • To make more money from your data

We believe surveillance capitalism is wrong, especially when it comes to health information. That’s why we designed the Chronic Insights Community to be completely anonymous, open and free. We only make money directly from sales made by our mobile app. We believe that if our app isn’t worth you paying money for directly, it doesn’t deserve to exist.